Australian Tour 2012

After the recent success with audiences and critics on tour in Germany and Israel, Kalàscima arrives in Australia in October for its first intercontinental tour, produced by Domenico Coduto from Musica e altre Cosa.

The band from Salento, Puglia prepares for their trip across the seas to Australia to export their music with a tour that will take place from 11 to 22 October and will include seven live performances.

The arrival of the band is generating considerable interest in Melbourne, Australia: PBS Radio has already spoken at length of their tour and has aired their music on their station, while the two national radio stations SBS and ABC, will host Kalascima for a ‘interview-live concert at their studios in Melbourne (on 12 and 13 October).

The first concert of the band on Australian soil is scheduled on October 13 at the prestigious Anglesea Music Festival, which will stage several important musical groups from all continents of the world and Kalàscima will perform 2 headlining sets.

Another highly anticipated headlining show that Kalàscima will perform will be at the “Carlton Italian Festa,” the most important event of the year for the Italian community in Melbourne, sponsored among others by the Italian Institute of Culture, Melbourne and Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Following this will be a number of other concerts at Melbourne’s best live music venues. You can follow the tour’s shows via live streaming performances on the web through Kalàscima on Facebook and Twitter (where you can also find updated tour photos and news ).

The Australian tour of Kalàscima is promoted by Puglia Sounds export – PO FESR Puglia 2007/2012 Axis IV.


13- Angelsea Music Festival

14 – Carlton Italia Festa

17 – Cruzao Arepa

18 – Revolver Bandroom

19 – South Melbourne Commons

20 – The B.East

21 – Veludo Upstairs